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Experienced Auto Detailing and Protection Services in Kelowna

At Brite’n Up Auto Cleaning Co., we have charted a tradition of top-notch service at an affordable price. With over 20 years in business and over 38 years experience in the industry, we have built our success off referrals from our satisfied customers. We go above and beyond for our clients because we know your car care and protection is of the utmost importance. Call us today for a free estimate on your next auto detailing!



  • Undercoating 

  • Rust protection 

  • Fabric guard

  • Paint sealant

  • Leather conditioner

  • Providing service to dealerships

  • Windshield treatment


  • Paint restoration 

  • New paint protection 

  • Overspray removal

  • Chip repairs


  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Carpet and vinyl dyeing

  • Motor detail – steaming and cleaning

  • Deodorizing 

  • Ozonating (smoke removal)

Affordable Service

Visit Brite’n Up Auto Cleaning Co. to restore and maintain the value and quality of your car without breaking the bank.

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