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Tips and Tricks for Auto Detailing in Kelowna

While there are times when the services of a professional will be needed to address your auto detailing issue, there are a few instances in which you can use home remedies as a solution. Be sure to check back frequently as we will be consistently adding more tricks and tips for your convenience.

Tree Sap Removal

One of the more common problems that can be very concerning to car owners is having tree sap cling to the exterior of your vehicle. While visiting an auto body shop is one solution, you can easily remove tree sap at home by using methyl hydrate, which is a common anti-freeze.

First, dab some methyl hydrate on the tree sap and let it sit until the sap no longer has a firm hold on the exterior. At that point, wipe it off with a soft cloth and follow up by applying a car waxing product on the spot in question.

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